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Ritu Isbar by QweXTheXEccentric
Ritu Isbar
That man was intelligent, and he would remind you of that fact quite often. He has a sort of snobby air about him. As if you were nothing but a bug that he would want nothing more than to squish. He held many different medical degrees; from Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy. He also holds one in child psychology. Yes, he knows the inner workings of children, and how to bend them to his will. And that perhaps is his undoing

Okay another entry for :iconchelleface90: in one week! Whoo! why do I feel so empty?
Anyway, decided to beat this one out before my work starts piling up. Okay some more information on this guy? Sure, sure.

Ritu Isbar is the Head Honcho of Northern Karu-Karu Institute. He has a bitter rivalry going on with the Head of Southern Karu-Karu Institute. Isbar is determined to create a living weapon, a weapon that would dominant the other invasive Alien species in the universe. But yet, a weapon that could be controlled at will if need be. So Isbar is careful to only except test objects that are children.

That's right folks! This guy experiments on children. Mutating and disfiguring them just so they can be a living weapon, a tool for genocide.

He tends to fall asleep just any where because of a lack of concern for his health and hygiene. I.e, he is so into her research and work, that he tends to forget to sleep or bathe.

This guys is one of my worst villains. Not worst as in terrible, but worst as in you'll hate him. He's downright despicable. From children experimentation, to using starvation and beatings for punishments, and well...his fondness for young girls.
EXP Earned!

  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per extra character)
  • Colored character with simple scenery= 6 EXP (+2 per extra character)
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
3+6X.08= 10 Exp Earned
54+10= 64! Exp.
Now at Level 12!  
64-55= 9 exp left over.

Eros The Babe Magnet by QweXTheXEccentric
Eros The Babe Magnet
Another Entry to :iconchelleface90: 's OC Contest!
Again this here is Eros Omega, Aka Cupid. The first son of the Greek Goddess of Love and Greek God of War; As love and war go hand in hand. What can I say about him, other than the fact that he's one of my favorite creations?

Age: His default form looks to be about 22-25 years old 
Race: Deity (Greek God of Love (Erotic Love to be exact))
Occupation: Romantic Hitman/ Retail Drone at Abercrombie and Fitch
Likes: Hollywood Undead, Mortals, Porn ( comment), Partying, Soccer, Fishing, Cooking, Video Games, his Siblings.
Dislikes: People who can't take a joke, Pedophiles, his parents, Zeus and Hera, all of Greece, Fun-suckers, and Country.

Canon wise, he only has a small part as a sort-of guardian over his twin baby brothers. As a neutral he has free reign over Earth, Purgatory and Hell. He leans dangerously to the demonic side because of his lustful ways. But he's able to keep himself stable enough to not be a 'fallen.' He greatly enjoys the parties that his bother Deimos throws and is willing to help out in any of his schemes in anyway he can...even possessing a 14 year old girl.

He is not much of a fighter, rather he'd make love and not war. But he can be pushed.
When push comes to shove he can serve a beat down, either with his trusty bow and arrow, or control over the love of others. How terrible would it be, if the people who loved you, suddenly hated you and wanted nothing more than to rip you apart?

So that's my Douche-Bag, and I mean that in a very loving way. Because as i said, he is one of my favorite characters.
I got the background from google images, ergo I do not own it, did not draw. I do own Eros though.
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per extra character)
  • Colored character without scenery= 5 EXP (+2 per extra character)
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
3+5X.8=9 EXP earned
45+9=54 Exp still at lv 11 :/
Watching Sonichu and on the last issue Chris-chan predicated (i.e: made up) that in June of 2015 that all homosexuals would be 'fixed'

Jokes on him, it's now July 2015 and we got same-sex marriage.
Creator Meme by QweXTheXEccentric
Creator Meme
You can find the blank one here…
Okay decided to do this with question of whether I can do a mean with just lineart and a base color. Not sure if I'm gonna do another one of these for awhile, I mean this took me five days to do when it should've taken me six hours. Curse you distractions!
Not gonna bother with the EXP this time since it's a quick meme.

Eros has quickly become one of my favorite Ocs. Perhaps in a couple months he'll surpass Yuutoko as my favorite....maybe 

1. Name your main characters who you draw on dA
Yuutoko Marshio, Deimos Omega and Kento Rashio
2. Do you have a sona? If so who?
Not since sophomore year. But I feel like I should make one soon.

3. Out of all your characters designs which one are you most proud of?
Oh that's a tough one, I would say Beak and Talon. Not sure why...maybe the whole creepy twin cliche is still alive and kicking and acting them out is so much fun.

4. Who would you say would be your most original character design?
OOHHHH aughhhh euuhhhhhh ahhhhh mere probably Af. That's the only one that wasn't inspired from a design or a book.

5. Who has been your longest lasting character?
Yuutoko Marshio, going on 10 years.

6. Who is your most unoriginal character and why?
Zedd....I based him off of a villain in a children's book. Character design wise that is.

7. Which character do you dislike the most?
Lori Carroll. Sorry Wolfie, but I'm never gonna like this chick. She's not that engaging or personable. Again I'm sorry.

8. Do you have any closed/open species?
The Yashians, Vernaks, and whatever DOG is.

9. Have any of your characters been inspired by another persons/films character?
Franklin is based off of my Manager 
Beak and Talon was based loosely off of a Lemongrabb redesign that I saw
Kento was based on Ayame Sohma's look from Furuba.

10. Who is your most high-powered character and lowest powered character?
Highest Power: The Omega's: Eros and Deimos

Lowest Power: Wilma Schulz (she's just a little kid)

Others characters

1. Name some of the most well known characters of other artists/friends to you

Phobos and Deimos :iconwhitewolf977:

2. List some of your most favourite characters of other artists 
Chimabell :iconcountandra:
Gale :icontyshea:
Billy :iconshellshock369:

3. Which of someone elses characters do you think is the most original?
 Probably Gale from Picture this Imagine that?

4. List some of your favourite species of someone else's
Not sure at the moment.

5. Which species of someone else's do you think is the most original?

6. Have you ever had a joint storyline with someone elses characters?
Heck yeah, that's all I'm doing with :iconwhitewolf977: right now

7. Do you have any characters of someone elses species?
  • Listening to: Under Our Spell: Literal Video Version
  • Reading: Mark of Athena
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Persona 4


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Shiny D Maru
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Where the leaves never fall right, and the wind brings a breeze from the ocean. This is where I come from. Pretentioia, the land of Pretentious Kings.
I am his fool.

*My age is is unknown because I've forgotten how old to act like!

*I have all, none, some, much, and little cares in the world.

*I'm currently in the process of a couple stories that I collaborate with :iconwhitewolf977:

*My sarcasm will have yah rolling.

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