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deviation in storage by kai-choo
The Pictures that I find to be good in artistic quality or are funny for me.



Draw Dis Sheet: Red Thread by QweXTheXEccentric
Draw Dis Sheet: Red Thread
Whoo! Two drawings in one night?! I must be procrastinating! (hint: yes I am)
I'm saddened to find out that I drew this in 11' I kinda hoped that I drew this in 2009 or something, that way I don't feel so... ew about this. This was drawn when Yuutoko was named Mewtwo, and when she had an 'evil' personality. Now she's just an old bastard who enjoys killing people because.... addiction. Oh yeah, she also doesn't wear skirts anymore, it's to help that whole 'androgynous' look going on.
Anyhoo I was inspired to do this because meine partner :iconwhitewolf977: decided to redraw an 'edgy' piece that she did years ago. Now I don't think this is my most 'edgy' work but~ it's stupid so it works.

Yuutoko: "Why the hell did I think it would be a good idea to sew my mouth shut? This shit's killing me!"

Hookay! EXP time!

  • Headshots/busts= 2 EXP per character (+2 if colored and/or shaded)
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Colored character without scenery= 5 EXP (+2 per character)
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
  • Edit: Get a favorite or praise on your work= 3% bonus per favorite or comment (5% if the comment is about your improvement)
2+3+5x.08= 10.08 EXP
And now at Level 4! With 7.16 EXP left
2 Favorites X .03= .43 EXP Now at 7.59
Comment on improvement 5%= 0.38 Now at 7.97
Wow this is getting difficult.
Bill Cipher by QweXTheXEccentric
Bill Cipher
So who else is excited for Gravity Fall's new episode? I know I am!
So some actual fan art, that's a first in a while, and I think I may do some more Gravity Falls fan art (although I say the same about Persona 4 and Over the Garden Wall...huh I should get on that)

Okay EXP:
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Colored character with simple scenery= 6 EXP
Okay so 9 Exp...I need three more points to level up.

Gravity Falls is owned by Alex Hirsh
Long Nosed Losers by QweXTheXEccentric
Long Nosed Losers
It's finally done! I started this back in December and meant to finish it within the month, but then I got distracted (isn't it always the case?) But here it is, some of the more under appreciated characters. From left to right we've got Caesar, Zedd, Meinsho, Stitchy and Jesse/ Juliana.
It's funny, it seems that most of my favorite characters have one common trait; they have a long nose. Stitchy, Caesar and the Twins are some of my most favorite creations. They are all vastly different but each one has their own charm. 

And now Minesho and Stitchy get some time in the drawing spotlight! Yay for them! 

Lineart= 3+6= 9 EXP
Colored Character without scenery= 5+12= 17 EXP
Bonus: OCs x8%
Total: 28.8 EXP

Characters shown above are a joint ownership of myself and :iconwhitewolf977:
Of Weapons, Brats, and Divas by QweXTheXEccentric
Of Weapons, Brats, and Divas
She was born to be feared, at least that was she was told anyway. Born to hunt, prey upon and kill. With a heart that is as hard as her head, she will mutilate or maul any soul in her path.
The other was once as innocent as any little girl, until her abilities made her paranoid, her paranoia made her cold, and now she's willing to throw away everything to be an Ice Cold Queen.
The last is a girl like any other, except she is very lucky. Everything has been handed to her on a sliver platter. With that she's gotten soft and doesn't take adversary very well.

Yay! I finished with pt.2! There another thing off the ol' drawing board. *crossing off title* next up will be Long Nosed Losers. I just wanted to knock this out because this is a day of celebration! My long awaited comp textbooks finally arrived so that means I was able to defeat two weeks of homework today! *applause* And then I finished everything that I needed to do at work. Huzzah! Huzzah! Cigars all around!.

Anyhoo...this piece. I decided to add a more definite highlight in the eyes and I like how it turned out so I may go for that in the future. 

I have to say I like how Lexi and Anna turned out. Yuutoko...ehh I'm trying to wean myself off from drawing her so much, but it's gonna be hard. So I need to focus on the year of Zedd...Oh err I mean Kento....yeah Kento. 

Kento: *Glares from across the room*

Me:*Sweat droops*

It's 2am...I should go to bed.


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Shiny D Maru
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Where the leaves never fall right, and the wind brings a breeze from the ocean. This is where I come from. Pretentioia, the land of Pretentious Kings.
I am his fool.

*My age is is unknown because I've forgotten how old to act like!

*I have all, none, some, much, and little cares in the world.

*I'm currently in the process of a couple stories that I collaborate with :iconwhitewolf977:

*My sarcasm will have yah rolling.

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