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Burglary In Progress by QweXTheXEccentric
Burglary In Progress
When they got the call they didn't know what to suspect. The other day they had to rescue an old lady from a tree, and the day before they arrested an Ice Cream man for charging 5 cents more on a Superman popsicle. What they didn't expect was actual cat burglars. At least Dog will get his exercise in.
Whoo! I got this bad boy done in only two days. Way to go me! Okay so this is a contest entry for :iconchelleface90: her 'Draw Your OC' competition. 

Okay what can I say about these five characters? From Left to Right.

The woman with black hair is known by Rookie. No one knows what her real name is, when she tries to say what her name is, she always gets interrupted. She is the most competent of Team Babyface, she hates dogs. She has a love for candy and always wanted to be a police officer since she was in diapers. She's a new resident to the city and a new member of the force so she hasn't gotten used to all the weirdness that happens.

The Orange Cat is October. He loves fish and thrills. He doesn't steal for the money, it's all for the thrill of it. In fact his day job of being a retail manager pays enough for him to be comfortable, problem is-retail is boring. To entertain himself he robs residences, museums, grocery stores, banks, and even the mayor. Because why not? He has not been caught...yet. He's always free to go after police line ups because apparently, no one can pin the crime on one of the only anthropomorphic cats.

The gray cat is December. She's the brains of all operations. She loves money, because she wants to be the richest feline in the world. And nothing will get in her way of the crisp Benjamin and shiny gems. Her relationship with October is ambiguous. It is speculated that they may be related somehow, either as half-siblings, or cousins. She hates bums and lazy people, and is very vocal about her opinions, in fact she talks to herself a lot. The worse the thought, the louder she talks.

Officer Perceval Pennington McGee 'Aka' Babyface. He is a grown man, with a baby face. Chubby cheeks, a permanent overbite, and only one curly black head on his noggin. He was made fun of all his life, bullied and tormented. Until one day an officer helped him by scolding his bullies. On that day, McGee was determined to join the force...too bad he's a bit of an idiot. He loves sit-coms (Full House is his favorite) and hates cats.

Dog...he's a dog with blank white eyes. Nothing much else is known about him.

Okay EXP time!
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per extra character) 3+4=7
  • Character with fully-rendered Scenery= 8 EXP (+2 per extra character) 8+8=16, 7+16= 23
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus 23X.08=2+23= 25
25 exp earned! Plus the 48 from before. 25+48= 73! Level UP! 
Now at Level 11! 73-55= 18 left over. Need 42 EXP to get to lv 12
No one can make overalls look sexy. This has been a PSA.
Babyface+Dog 7: Prank Calls Are Serious Business by QweXTheXEccentric
Babyface+Dog 7: Prank Calls Are Serious Business
And calls from the dead is really creepy, but not as creepy as your fridge going AWOL on you.

Confession time...I drew this back in October and I never got around to submitting it...I actually have a lot of art hidden in my folders that I don't bother to upload. Haha! But a lot of them is crap, but I'll release this one because I still intend to continue this project.

Okay so points time.
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per extra character) 3+2=5
  • Finished comic page= 5 EXP per panel (+3 bonus for every panel with fully-rendered scenery)5X3=15 (3+9=12) 15+12+5= 32
  • Character with fully-rendered Scenery= 8 EXP (+2 per extra character) 8+4=12+32= 44
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus 44X.08=4+44=48
48 EXP Earned! 48+ the Exp from before (2)= 50EXP Earned only 5 more exp until I can level up.

Mary Ann and Georgie are owned by :iconwhitewolf977: 


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Shiny D Maru
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Where the leaves never fall right, and the wind brings a breeze from the ocean. This is where I come from. Pretentioia, the land of Pretentious Kings.
I am his fool.

*My age is is unknown because I've forgotten how old to act like!

*I have all, none, some, much, and little cares in the world.

*I'm currently in the process of a couple stories that I collaborate with :iconwhitewolf977:

*My sarcasm will have yah rolling.

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