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A Puppeteer by QweXTheXEccentric
A Puppeteer
One of the most genius mind of the time, Matu Isbar was a man who enjoyed manipulating, experimentation and children. He had the ambition to create Yasha's most powerful weapon, a living creature that could only be controlled by him. His deepest wish was to be revered as the almighty savior, the smartest man on the planet. Much better than the other known scientist Lacius. His talent is being a puppet master, able to control his creations with a single word, 'alois'

....Okay now I'm just procrastinating from doing homework...again. But I wanted to do a warm up before I go and tackle my new assignment. So who do I draw? This asshole! I mean what the heck hand?! Why do I draw him?! Oh well I finally figured out how to make a glow happen so celebrate!

  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Colored character without scenery= 5 EXP (+2 per character)
3+3+5+6= 17
32 EXP + 17= 49 Exp
Level up! Now at level 7!
Laughing Jack by QweXTheXEccentric
Laughing Jack
Little doodle to celebrate finishing art homework. 
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Colored character without scenery= 5 EXP (+2 per character)
24 Exp to start. 3+5=8 
24+8= 32 Exp

Laughing Jack is owned by :iconsnuffbomb:
Leave! by QweXTheXEccentric
Eros couldn't explain it himself but all he knew is that he was head over heels crazy over the 'royal' couple. The couple in question however were very unprepared for all the attention they received. With their apartment covered in flowers, their pantry filled with chocolate and the God practically bending over backwards just to get some affection, Kento found it to be quite..useful. Yuutoko found to be...odd to say in the least. At most she finds the god being interested in her as very fun. A new hunting partner at last.

Hey look it's a fully colored Kento! That's pretty rare these days. I mean usually I'm drawing the Omega twins (although I should stop because I don't give enough characters love) I couldn't help this one. I sketched it in class and I liked how it looked, and since I finished my english early I decided to reward myself by drawing this.
So different line style. I decided to color in the lines and see how that looked, and I gotta say it looks pretty snazzy~
  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Colored character without scenery= 5 EXP (+2 per character)
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
  • You are proud of your work= 5% bonus
3+3+5+6X.08X.05= 19
5+19= 24 EXP

Oh Kento, all Eros wants is a little love <3

Note to self: Draw another Baby Face comic
My Friends In Distantland by QweXTheXEccentric
My Friends In Distantland
Hey ya'll so :iconwhitewolf977: had an idea about a project in the distant future called, 'My Friends in Distantland.' It's about a girl named Cathryn (or Catie for short). Her motivation is that her mother went missing after a huge argument with her. Catie feels she has to do as much good as possible (ergo, she can't say no to any problem that comes her way) in order for her mother to come home. The protagonist is an eight year old girl who lives in a small wooden house in the woods with her blue, one-eyed, stuffed rabbit named Hop-Hop. In this world, the creatures and other people act like children, often belligerent children, and demand the girl to solve all their problems for them no matter how ridiculous. There are a multitude of strange creatures and people ranging from friendly, not-so-friendly, and very ambiguous. (Copied and pasted from Wolfie's Notes)

So with such an idea in the early concept works that gives me such creative license. So my idea for this girl is that she's so wracked with guilt outta arguing with her mother that now the world looks to be a very dangerous place. Her only solace is the little bunny Hop-Hop. Her only hope of trying to survive on her own is by helping out everyone that she meets. As for the shadow thing...ambiguous. Perhaps it's a representation of her fears threatening to consume her, or maybe it's to reveal a antagonist that is a shadow wolf that wished to eat her. Who knows :iconshrugplz:

  • Colored character with simple scenery= 6 EXP
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
  • Your work is a style/subject/medium that is new or difficult for you= 10-15% bonus (depending on difficulty)
6X.06X.10= Ehh 7 points
Now at 35 Exp

Level up to 6~!
Now at 5 Exp
You Idiot by QweXTheXEccentric
You Idiot
Lexi hobbled along the strangely empty streets. She could feel her lungs about to burst. 'Dammit! This stupid ankle, if only I could actually run-' Her thoughts were interrupted as she nearly tripped on an empty booze bottle. She almost fell over but caught herself on the way down. Instead of falling flat she twisted so she was able to roll out of her pursuer's line of sight.
"Come out, come out where ever you are Red." The monotone voice cooed behind her.
"Yeah~ We're not gonna hurt you." The companion called.
Lexi tried to push herself up and wince, her ankle throbbing and twitching. She quickly looked around for something she could grab to help her out or at least protect her vulnerable body. She crawled down an alley cursing herself. 'I should've brought my frying pan or at least those crutches. Stupid, stupid me!' She grasped the wall and hauled her sorry butt up. She pressed against the wall and tried to peek over when she felt a heavy hand cover her mouth. She immediately tried to scream when a familiar deep voice shushed her.
"You idiot, keep it down they're right around the corner."
"Bark?" Lexi asked, her voice muffled by his big meaty hand.
He did not answer, keeping his eyes trained on the neo-butchers behind the wall.
That's when Lexi started to tremble, not only because there were two psychos in masks wanting to chop her up and put her in a stew, but as well as the fact that Bark's unwashed hand was touching her face and notably her lips. She can practically taste the stench.
Death by the Neo-butchers would've been welcomed at that point.

Whoo! After a couple hours/days of an artist's block I finally broke out with something I actually like. So this would be a scene for a story that I'll get around to writing this one in the summer. Radioactive Wonderland! A story about a brat who gets lost in a city of mutants where everyone seems to want her dead.

This is actually the first time I drew out Bark on the tablet so this a success because he's a main character but I never seem to want to draw him...I wonder why. Next time I may want to draw out Scott and Rat. Gotta get to work on Kid. Hookay so let's get on with the Exp...even though I can't level up until I redraw a piece from the past. Neegh.

  • Line art= 3 EXP (+1 per character)
  • Character with fully-rendered Scenery= 8 EXP (+2 per character)
  • You are proud of your work= 5% bonus
  • It is original artwork (ergo no fanart or fan characters)= 8% bonus
3+4+8+8X.05X.08= 26.08 EXP

Okay so adding with that Isbar doodle (27.37EXP)
So now I'm at 53.45 EXP. I should redo a picture to level up

Edit: Changed a layer to grain merge, and boy do I like it a LOT MORE~
Edit: Art PG challenge changed the rules so now I do a redraw very 5 levels. Whoo~! So that means- Level UP! Level 5= 25 Exp 
53-25= 28 EXP left
Now at Level 5!


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Shiny D Maru
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Where the leaves never fall right, and the wind brings a breeze from the ocean. This is where I come from. Pretentioia, the land of Pretentious Kings.
I am his fool.

*My age is is unknown because I've forgotten how old to act like!

*I have all, none, some, much, and little cares in the world.

*I'm currently in the process of a couple stories that I collaborate with :iconwhitewolf977:

*My sarcasm will have yah rolling.

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